Beaches in San Pedro

San Pedro Beach

The Vagabond Inn’s location is exactly where you want to be if you have a desire for adventure, culture, fine foods and simple all-around fun without having to mortgage your home. Yes California is expensive, but at the Vagabond Inn we assure you of value without the hefty price tag. We meet your needs and exceed your expectations whether you are in town on business or vacation. For example, we recently had a group of designers and 3d printers meet for a business conference in our area, so our staff made all the peripheral arrangements like transportation, venue logistics and catering, so the group could just show up for their meeting without any headaches. We make your reasons for being in San Pedro secondary to you having a relaxed and enjoyable – even pampered good time.

Many of our guests are here on vacation. Approximately 70% of the folks that come through our doors are here to turn around and go back through them to experience the local gems of sunny California. Because of our year round, sublime weather, simply waking up to a foggy morning and watching the sea clouds dissipate leaving you with an umbrella of golden rays is a treat in and of itself. Step out the door and join the palm trees and ocean breezes, where athletic therapy comes naturally to the runner, walker, the bicycler, roller blader and even the dreamer.

Southern California has some of the finest beaches, and it doesn’t take much to get to White Palms Royal Beach Park or if you prefer Cabrillo Beach. Each has its own distinct characteristics and offers the visitors two unique experiences.

White Palm Royal Beach Park
This is an all-around beach experience. The Royal Palms is dotted with tide pools that house marine life and lots of sight-seeing entertainment. These rocky nooks and cubbies of sea life are ideal for viewing nature in its basic element without getting wet. After the tide has gone out you’ll be glad you brought along a sturdy pair of shoes to get closer to the hide-outs that Mother Nature has tucked away from the general public.

Pelicans swoop overhead in search of their next fishy meal from the sea. Royal Palms is perfect for a family outing. There is no shortage of picnic tables, swimming beaches, surfing, diving, fishing, tide pools, a children’s playground, a walking promenade and clean restrooms with showers. There’s plenty of parking, or our shuttle can drop you off and arrange to pick you up later, after you have soaked up some sea air, and enjoyed the day with your feet in the sand.

Cabrillo Beach Recreational Complex
You can’t run out of things to see and do at Cabrillo Beach. The complex covers 370 acres located in the Port of Los Angeles‘ West Channel. Where to begin? Choose from swimming from the only public beach located within the port complex. The area located within the breakwater is tranquil and soothing, but just outside is the Pacific surf. A 1,200 foot fishing pier couldn’t be a better place for anglers to put to use their skills at catching a little seafood. If you prefer to just stroll, the pier it takes you out into the Bay of San Pedro where the sights and sounds fill your senses with the beauty of the west coast ocean.

The Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse located within the complex was built in 1932 and declared a historic landmark in 1989. It was restored and rededicated to the public in 2002. It’s a great shelter offering shower rooms, snack bars and a large community room. Rent the room for family reunions, meetings, weddings or just because. Be sure to make time for the Marina.

The Cabrillo Way Marina is a 700-slip marina, with its mile of public waterfront sea walk. Don’t miss a peak at the Aquatic Youth Center. Whether you have kids or not seeing what Southern California is giving to the youth of the area is worth your time. The center is designed to build self-confidence by exposing kids to water safety, rescue methods and care and use of marine equipment and physical fitness. Our community is very proud of all the advantages this complex has to offer.

So the next time you are wondering where might be a good vacation spot, think of San Pedro and the Vagabond Inn.