What Have I Been Missing?

San Pedro downtown

There are so many reasons to come to Southern California, and San Pedro is one of the best. While here, you can go non-stop or choose to kick-back. There are no rules, and the life is easy. San Pedro’s local calendar has everything from art and entertainment to sporting events, to ocean gazing. There are countless activities in-between, and endless ways to languor a day away in the California sunshine. Regardless of whether you are the go,go go type or the more layed-back sort, it’s all here for you.

Needless to say, we still live in a real world, even if situated in paradise. Recently, the Vagabond Inn had some much needed repair work done by Burlington plumbing company on the top floor of our southwest wing.

A Fan’s Day At The Oscars

Hollywood & Highland

What a weekend in San Pedro! With all the Oscar hoopla, people came in from all parts of the world to participate in the grand affair. For fans, who wanted to be close to the action, the Vagabond Inn was the perfect place to stay. The Vagabond offered price conscious fans an attractive value, while situating them just a 33 minute drive or limo ride up Hwy 110 to the city of Los Angeles.

Having been a resident of the greater Los Angeles area for several decades, I’ve gone to LA in years past to be a part of the celebrations. As a fan, I found plenty of action in the outer circle. I was never disappointed. The whole town is abuzz and there are plenty of Oscar parties, restaurant specials, retail and gallery sales to satisfy us all. The streets are filled with dayton limousine services and Star spotting is a given. The energy is high and the anticipation of an extraordinary day starts at 8:30 am with fans already lining the red carpet.

Beaches in San Pedro

San Pedro Beach

The Vagabond Inn’s location is exactly where you want to be if you have a desire for adventure, culture, fine foods and simple all-around fun without having to mortgage your home. Yes California is expensive, but at the Vagabond Inn we assure you of value without the hefty price tag. We meet your needs and exceed your expectations whether you are in town on business or vacation. For example, we recently had a group of designers and 3d printers meet for a business conference in our area, so our staff made all the peripheral arrangements like transportation, venue logistics and catering, so the group could just show up for their meeting without any headaches. We make your reasons for being in San Pedro secondary to you having a relaxed and enjoyable – even pampered good time.

Many of our guests are here on vacation. Approximately 70% of the folks that come through our doors are here to turn around and go back through them to experience the local gems of sunny California. Because of our year round, sublime weather, simply waking up to a foggy morning and watching the sea clouds dissipate leaving you with an umbrella of golden rays is a treat in and of itself. Step out the door and join the palm trees and ocean breezes, where athletic therapy comes naturally to the runner, walker, the bicycler, roller blader and even the dreamer.

Catalina Day Tripping


The Vagabond Inn is located in the heart of what’s happening. It was remodelled by my cousins contracting company, who also helped me back home with a roof leak repair Fayetteville NC. The inn is now super comfortable and guest friendly we are here to serve you. We thrive on repeat business and word of mouth so you are treated like family when you stay with us. There are so many day trips that spawn from the lobby of the Inn, it’s impossible not to want to take them all. If you are visiting the area as a tourist, consider taking a picnic and an excursion to Catalina Island for the day.

We are so tickled you found The Vagabond Inn amongst all the choices in the area. We have to give credit to our SEO Services which helped you locate us when perusing the possibilities of San Pedro. To make your stay as comfortable, productive and fun filled as possible, we assist you in planning adventures. There is so much to do and we can give you the best recommendations since we are old timers to the area and take pride in the beauty of California.